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Our Team

United We Stand


Joshua Garner, CP

Founder & Executive Director

Joshua Garner, Founder and Executive Director of Right To Be Free, has seven years of experience working as a Certified Paralegal, specializing in Criminal Law and Clemency Procedures. He has obtained various certifications including Paralegal Studies from Blackstone Career Institute, Nonprofit Essentials from Cornerstone Foundation, Motivational Interviewing from BHTEN, Risk Management from Philadelphia FIGHT, and Human Rights Training from the U.S. Institute of Diplomacy and Human Rights. He is currently pursuing a B.A. in Sociology at Harvard University. Joshua Garner is a powerful force in this organization and uses his positive attitude and tireless energy to encourage others to work hard and succeed. He, himself was formerly incarcerated and is inspired daily by his sincerest desire to help free his comrades who are serving life without parole in Pennsylvania prison.


LeBrian Brown, MSB


LeBrian Brown, President of Right To Be Free, is a seasoned Community Organizer. He has obtained his Bachelor of Science, Sociology, and Anthropology from Lincoln University. His career began as a Group Home Manager and continued on to become a Job Developer for individuals with special needs. He connected over 500 Philadelphians with stable employment and advocated for individuals with disabilities who also had felony convictions. He worked as a Reentry Program Manager for many years, connecting returning citizens to housing, employment, education, and case management services. With years of successful programming, leadership, and professional development, LeBrian Brown managed a Philanthropy Network with over 125 foundation members, worked as a Systems and Website Administrator. He co-chairs a major city's Family Services Subcommittee, helped a statewide campaign to free a wrongfully convicted lifer, and is the creator of WithTimeWeCan Prison Docuseries. LeBrian Brown focuses his efforts on bridging the gaps between foundations, nonprofits, and the community. He lives in Philadelphia with his wife, children, and dog.


Jazmine Johnson, BA


Jazmine Johnson, Secretary of Right To Be Free, obtained a Bachelors Degree from Oregon State University, majoring in Merchandising Management and Business Entrepreneurship, graduating Magna Cum Laude. She has extensive work experience in Marketing and Retail Management, with excellent communication and organization skills.  At Right To Be Free, she accomplishes her duties and assignments without flaw, and ignites unity within our team. She advocates for second chances and believes all are deserving if given the opportunity. Jazmine Johnson's cheerful and inspiring attitude promotes motivation and well-being within our team.

Peggy Sims

Community Liaison Manager

Peggy Sims, Community Liaison Manager of Right To Be Free, has been awarded for community service from numerous organizations including the NAACP, State Senator Shirley Kitchen, Le Anna Washington, and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority incorporated. She sat on the board of De La Salle Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning at LaSalle University. She graduated with a business degree from Pierce College and has been recognized by the office of the Governor, the Advisory Committee of African American Affairs, and Germantown Mennonite Church for her work with returning citizens of Pennsylvania. Peggy Sims meets with community organizers, state and council representatives along with senators to advocate for legislative and policy changes that can omit the disparities in the criminal justice system. She shares her vision and challenges for a more equitable reentry process for women and advocates for the release of those serving life without parole in Pennsylvania.

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Cynthia Salamanca

Public Relations Specialist

Cynthia Salamanca, Public Relations Specialist of Right To Be Free, coordinates with the public and advocates for those incarcerated unjustly. She has obtained her Public Relations Certification from Saylor Academy and has extensive experience in communications and education. Cynthia Salamanca is an individual who was impacted by mass incarceration and unjust sentencing, and now fights for those that need a voice. Working close with families of those incarcerated, her compassion and good-nature makes her a phenomenal asset at Right To Be Free and a guidance for families of those incarcerated. Her many acts of kindness and consistent participation in volunteer work is an example of her excellence.

Joshua Asadi

Paralegal & Activist

Joshua Asadi, Minister, Community Activist, and Paralegal for Right To Be Free, is responsible for prisoner support, legal research/assistance for those serving life without parole. Additionally, Joshua is a paralegal in the Igwe Firm specializing in wrongful conviction and innocence criminal cases. Joshua is a former juvenile lifer who had spent over 36 years in prison after being sentenced to life without parole. Joshua utilizes his academic knowledge of law, as well as his personal experiences to assist those serving life without parole obtain their freedom. His expertise and wisdom is essential to helping those deserving of a second chance obtain that chance.

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